Martian is a Java development framework that does not require containers

No need for Tomcat, no Jboss, no Netty, or even Servlet. Based entirely on the JRE class library. The project lost weight again

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More than 100 companies have chosen Martian and have provided services to more than 200 individual developers
Declarative API

You only need to add a annotation to the parent interface of Service to provide an interface to the outside

Martian makes development cool

Only one annotation is needed for parameter verification

Just add a annotation to the field of VO

Martian makes development cool

Simple database operation

Query, modify, delete and insert into a single table according to the primary key No need to write sql, comes with paging method, no need for any three-party tool

Martian makes development cool

One line annotation to solve distributed lock

Add RedisLock annotation to the method to be locked, set a KEY, and also support only lock a piece of code

Martian makes development cool

Exception listener

In order to return the JSON string normally when an exception occurs, you need to add try {} catch () {} to each Controller method. Spring has an ExecptionHandler To simplify this problem, Martian also provides a corresponding solution

The solution is to ignore everything. If something goes wrong, the front end will receive a JSON, which can be parsed to handle it.

Martian makes development cool